How To See The World Through Rose Colored Glasses

How To See The World Through Rose Colored Glasses

How To See The World Through Rose Colored Glasses

A film with no setbacks or dilemmas is a film not worth watching. Happiness, when concentrated into a linear timeline, is overwhelming. Take for example, that quirky bitch from high school, why the f*ck was she always so happy? Calm the f*ck down. Now, imagine your life as a great movie, full of plot twists, surprises, and even a couple of heart aches. For a time, you may be suffering, but you have to remember; there’s always a silver lining. When something catastrophic (at least in your eyes) happens, find a pair of rose colored glasses and look at the bright side.

Thanks to our friends over at Ray-Ban, those glasses have been made physical. This is how we’re getting through our problems.


Situation: Your boyfriend’s a cheater

/ESCAPE x Ray-Ban says: It’s a sad world where those closest to you are the ones likely to hurt you the most. Why do people cheat, you ask? That’s a story for another time. How do you get over a cheater? You have to see this man not as your boyfriend anymore, but a self-obsessed pig too selfish to respect you. By putting on those rose-colored glasses, you’ll see that discovering his cheating ways wasn’t a curse but a blessing; you’re no longer stuck with a douchebag boyfriend. We’ll give you time to grieve, sweetheart, but remember you walked out of that relationship better off without him.


Situation: You failed a class big time

/ESCAPE x Ray-Ban says: Oh darling, what have you done. Whether you’ve cut one too many classes or didn’t care enough on one of your majors, you’ve gone and disappointed not only yourself, but those who helped you get there. Your parents, profs, and tutors are all shaking their heads. While their disappointment is a scathing feeling upon your soul, take this failure and see it as a chance to learn. Re-evaluate yourself, your values, and what you care about most. Maybe when you retake the class next sem, you’ll put down that game controller and pick up a book instead.


Situation: You lost your job

/ESCAPE x Ray-Ban says: In hopes that you didn’t get fired for something incredibly dumb, we’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. Were you let go because of ‘budget cuts’? Whatever the reason, if you find yourself moping around the living room and wasting away, then stop it. This job loss was an opportunity for you to work on your passions. Take time off before going back to work to continue writing, playing music, or spending time with those you love. When you’re finally ready to get back on your feet, you have to opportunity to do something else. Something you’ll really enjoy doing for work.


Situation: You find yourself broke AF

/ESCAPE x Ray-Ban says: Did a friend pitch a pyramid scheme and fail to return your money? Have you shopped too much? Did you realize that dating requires not only time and effort, but money? Eventually, you’re going to realize that you’re broke AF. When you’re at a loss, this is the time when you’ll realize how grateful you truly are for the things that you already have. At your lowest financial point, you’ve still got food, shelter, and probably a bae that will treat you since you’re broke. Not only will you be grateful, you’ll be more thoughtful for those people who don’t have anything.


Situation: You’ve been rejected

/ESCAPE x Ray-Ban says: Whether it was by your crush, your potential workplace, or even the school of your dreams, it hurts to be rejected. Just imagine how many people are told ‘no’ on a daily basis. A high concentration of people in the world make getting chosen much harder. Reinvent yourself after failure. Perhaps you’d like to work out and be more attractive. Maybe you need to earn some experience before applying to schools or work again. The bright side here, is that when you are finally chosen, you can accept whatever it is happily knowing you worked hard for it and you beat out the majority of the people.


After a film’s conflict ends, the next phase is the end game. Getting through your problems brings you one step closer to your happily-ever-after. However, remember that in your life struggles will come in cycles. Take a pair of Ray-Ban’s pink tinted glasses, look your problems in the face, and welcome it with the finger. Do you have any problems you can’t handle? Sound off in the comments section below and we’ll help you find the bright side!


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